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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It was a good year 1-3

2012 was amazing! The second half, lets be real the first half I was pregnant, my children were raised by Dora and Diego and cheerios. But it ended with a bang! I love this year. I love my LIFE! I love my babies and I love being married to the Professor Man.

A quick sum up 2012

January 2012
Found out we were having a baby!
(In a target bathroom, I couldn't wait till I got home and I really needed to pee. I even hid from my friend in the store because I was afraid I would blow the surprise)
Jocelyn proclaimed her undying love for Phineas, Sammy and Bryce
We threw a New Years Eve Party that was amazing!
I was in a minor car accident (a guy bumped into me at a stop sign) I was fine but my doctor insisted on a prescription of eight massages. I have a new best friend her name is Kona and she works at Healing Spirit Body Therapies and she made the next few months possible. 
I went through two prescriptions of Zofran. 
I was still sick
Craved doughnuts
I lived on the couch watched every episode of lots of stuff
More Zofran.
Turned 29 and have no memory of what we did.
It snowed in our backyard and we went sledding a few times, I think this is only picture I took the whole month it was sort of a blur.
It got a little warmer

But not really
I started to feel better
I started painting the trees in the playroom

With help

It snowed a ton right before spring break and Jocelyn and I experience our first snow day
We took a mini break to the coast for Spring break

It was beautiful
Oh and Jocelyn got bangs

Sunday, December 9, 2012

100 Days of Evie

Today Miss Evie Lou turns 100 days old! She is the most amazing baby and I just love that I get to play with her everyday. She never cries pretty much sleeps through the night giggles and laughs when you kiss her cheeks and is just a new light in our home. We are all in love and completely under her little spell. A few facts about the first 100 days with Genevieve

She still loves to poop in a clean diaper
Has the fattest thighs I have ever seen, no really.
I you coo at her she will coo back
She is desperately trying to roll over but falls asleep trying
Sleeps in the dog bed as much as her crib
When Jocelyn sings to her she stops crying and smiles
Falls asleep everywhere
Spits up like a fountain
is in the "100%" for everything, height, weight, head size.
All I want to do is sit and stair at her all day
She has seen Twilight twice and Skyfall once
She smiles with her eyes
She is totally fascinated with the dog
She doesn't really cry just sort of fusses loudly 
Smiles up at me when she nurses and I love it
Brooke calls her EB, My baby EB.
In just 100 days she has gone from this
to this


Friday, September 14, 2012

Introducing our Little One

Genevieve Lily Hansen
August 30, 2012 at 3:37pm
8lbs 9oz- 20.5" long
14" head

She is an Angel baby
Eats like a champ
Sleeps around the clock
Smiles when she coos
Hardly ever cries
Loves to poop in a new diaper
Looks up with wonder at her sisters
Is the most popular person in the house
Doesn't mind when the dog licks her head
Has lots of brown hair
Likes to be swaddled and held
Sleeps in the car
Has mixed feelings about the pacifier
Absolutely wonderful in every way, I can't believe I get to be her mother. 
And yes, I do nibble on her cheeks all day long.

You can watch her grow everyday on Instagram, rileighrocks

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whats up with that?

Anyone else singing Keenan Thompson in their heads now? Ooh wee!
Jocelyn took this picture at Crater Lake

Anyway, June may have been my favorite month ever! So much happened, so many wonderful adventures. Frankly it is all a little over whelming to sit back and ponder all of it, and then document it in my blog that I am having "technical difficulties" since picnik closed, flickr changed it's layout and I don't even know what is going on this blogger and google reader. Every time I think about trying to conquer one aspect of my online photographic journey I get wildly overwhelmed and just read online people magazine for the hundredth time. (Tomkat, who didn't see that one coming!)
However slow and steady wins the race right? Oh and there is still a baby growing in my belly and will be for the rest of the summer, We know what it is but are undecided on telling.  It's kind of fun to watch everyone guess!

This is my buffer blog post with more bits to come. Does that make sense? I swear pregnancy brain is truly frightening.

Miss Brooke the Animal Rescuer!

It was awesome. She is awesome. The theme was Animal Rescuers! AKA Diego. We had a good time. They say that something magical happens at three and its true. All of a sudden I don't have a baby anymore or even a toddler, she is like a pre-preschooler, with thoughts and opinions! Oh my does she have opinions on what she wants to wear, which cup she will drink out of, and which car seat she will sit in (not my favorite). 

But she is still so snugly, just yesterday she curled up next to me on the couch and fell asleep. Her speech is improving daily! And she is saying more and more words and short phrases! She goes number one in the toilet like a champ and is dry all night, number two however she likes to save for climbing structures at the park or the pizza parlor. She is so good at gymnastics and wants to swim like a fish, but is nervous around big swings or moving toys, like mechanical horses and such. Okay now on to the party.
We went on an Animal Rescuer Adventure! to save baby Jaguar from the Bobo Monkeys (played by Ben with a blown up drawing of the Bobo brothers, which I did myself)
We crossed an alligator swamp, identified different animal tracks and pinned the spot on the baby jaguar which eventually led us to the Bobo's monkey cave (bounce house). It was a really rocking party, and I didn't move for three days afterward, but Brooke loved it and felt special which is what birthday parties are all about!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Miss Brooks

I seriously don't even know where to start with that kid, I just like her so much.
The last two months she has really started to come into her own, talking, sharing, playing with others.
I think three is going to be a good year for her.
She has been EXTREMELY two for far too long.
She is so sweet and tender.
She plays make believe doctor with Strider. (Today she tried to wipe his bum with a baby wipe.)
She kisses everyone's "Owie Hurts"
She always has to be in the middle.
She flirts by batting her long black eyelashes.
Jocelyn is her world, whatever Jocelyn is doing is where she wants to be.
She is desperate to go to school.
She goes potty in the Toilet (happy dance!)
She is impossible to get a picture of from the front because she is so busy.
She is thin but solid with the cutest tush I have ever seen. For reals.
Her hair shimmers in the sunlight.
Sometimes she lets me put it up, but only if I am going to use a flower clip too.
She is turning three in just three weeks.
She will put something silly on her head, laugh and then say "Funny"
She makes Ben's "Green Day Eyes" when she is caught being sneaky.
She loves my make up.
When she first wake up from her nap she wanders around the house saying " Marco, where are you" it is the cutest little thing.
When she smiles her eyes light up and the whole room smiles back.
She sings at the top of her lungs.
She still phantom nurses in her sleep.
She can only sleep with her "entourage" (4 blankets, and at least 5 stuffed animals...with tags)
She will always, always make a run for it.
She loves ice cream.
Strider sleeps in her room on the floor by her bed by his own volition.
She is watcher, in new situations she will always step back and observe until she is ready to pounce. And then she goes for it, no holding back.
She tip toes everywhere.
She is the master of getting things that I think are out of reach. Keys for example are among her favorites.
She likes to eat the toothpaste more than brush her teeth.
She is born to swim, she is my water baby.
When I point to my belly and say "Baby" she does the same. (to her belly)
Go Diego Go is her favorite show in the world.
She is soft with babies.
She is a great helper, and made cookies with me the other day almost all by herself.
She has a knack for finding the most dangerous thing in the room and picking it up.
She lives in her pink poka-dot rain boots.
She lays on her back and pretends she is a baby, so I will snuggle her.
She climbs into bed with me and strokes my face.
I love it when she says, "There you are!" with a big smile.
She is starting to color in the coloring books on her own.
She loves to read stories. and has Red Hat Blue Hat memorized.
She can count to ten, sort of.
She LOVES her dad.
She is my Brooke and I love her so much.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Miss Jocelyn

Let me tell you about this kid
She is kind.
She loves her sister more than anyone in the world.
She also wrestles her WWE style, usually until someone starts crying.
She is an Artist in every possible way.
She kisses my belly all the time.
She is constantly on the hunt for Leprechauns, (today she built a house of grass, flowers and sticks for one)
She pronounces names that begin with an "S" as if they begin with a "S-P-A", Simone, becomes Spa-mone, Samantha becomes Spa-mantha, I don't correct her because it is is adorable.
She takes "a spring break" from things, "Mom, I'm taking a "spring break" from my lunch now.
She loves Dinosaurs and Dragons and wants to know what they eat constantly.
She will be any ones best friend in a heart beat.
She misses her cousins and asks about the often.
Kaitie DeMartini once said that having one Jocelyn was like having twins, it's still true.
She is a ham in front of the camera and loves to strike a pose.
Loves Preschool, Loves Loves it.
When she grows up she wants to be an Animal Rescuer.
She will try almost anything food wise once, twice is pushing it.
She always wants to know if she "Ate this when she was, two years old? Or one years old?"
She points out pink and purple flowers as we drive in the car.
She has a banshee scream that I am sure could crack glass. 
She loves to ride Strider like a sack of potatoes.
She misses her grandparents and aunts and uncles a lot.
A million is the biggest number in the world to her.
She loves My little Ponies, Baby Puppy and Peacock.
She is a great helper in the kitchen.
She loves gymnastics and swim lessons.
She always forgives me when I mess up.
She tells me she will miss me when she grows up and becomes a mommy.
But when she becomes a mommy with her own children, she will get a cat.
She is a sorter, and is brilliant.
If you try to skip a page she will call you out and make you read it again.
Her friends at school think she is funny and she loves to make people laugh.
She loves all fruit, and lots of veggies.
Her favorite Ice Cream is Rocky Road, but half way through she always want to switch with Brooke who usually gets Mint Oreo.
She figured out that if she sneaks in bed with us at our feet instead of our heads we usually don't notice and she can stay there longer.
She loves the song "Pumped up Kicks" by Foster the People but hasn't figured out the words. (gratefully)
She prays all the time, and when we have forgotten a meal she will stop and pray and retroactively.
I just really love this kid.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keeping it real with Tulips and Two Kids

<span class=

Let me tell you why this photo will make the Professor and I laugh for the rest of our lives.
This was taken last weekend at our annual trip to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival,
(I can say annual after two years right?)
Anyway, it was a long, beautiful, hysterical, frustrating, warm, sun filled, tulip filled trip.

Brooke woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
Melted down three times before we left,
Once on the car ride over,
and I can't count the number of times at the little festival.

She refused to eat anything but ice cream,
wear shoes,
and took off running so many times, it was like running sprints in PE.
We were those parents the ones everyone else looks at like, "What is wrong with your child? Why would you bring your delusional child here and ruin our beautiful, peaceful day?"

And then the moment came when we finally found a non-judging neighbor to take a family picture in front of the beautiful flowers, and suddenly screaming to get free of Ben's arms became "Cheese!" all smiles and warm.

Jocelyn who had been really fantastic all day, bumped into Ben's face seconds before the picture and left him seeing stars and her hiding her head in my lap.

At this point, laughter seemed the only option.

The further we get away from the day, the more of the good I remember, and there were lots of good; lots of fun pictures.
However, I had to comment about this one first, because we still look at this picture and crack up.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Puddles Rock.
Especially when the sun shines.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


For Reals folks, It was a good old fashion Snow day.
Being a Southern California Girl, I had no idea what to expect.
To me snow is normally the cold hard crunchy stuff that is has a little more brown from being old rained on dirt snow.
I did spend that year in Maryland but that was more insane snow storms and then humidity.

Jocelyn's school was cancelled.
Ben gave his final for the quarter yesterday.
Strider ran out of dog food last night.
This morning he had two hot dogs and some left over steak.

I digress.
Today was awesome and interesting.
The power was out so we decided to make the 1/2mile trek to Denny's down the mountain.
For some pancakes and hot chocolate.
We busted out the bike trailer and pushed the kids in it, handcart style.
Brooke was fine, Jocelyn was freezing,
No socks, my bad.
After twenty minutes she insisted on being carried and her little feet were so cold.
Refused to put her boots back on.
I took off my gloves and stuck them on her feet.
That helped, but looked hilarious.
We finally make it to Denny's, and there CLOSED!
The Devastation was great.
Now we are all cold, hungry, and have to push the hand cart back up the mountain.
The plan was flawed.
But it made for a good story.

We made it home and I busted out some pancakes, God Bless Krusteaz.
And improved some Hot Chocolate, I think it worked because Jocelyn talks all the time about the day with all the snow and how we had pancakes and hot chocolate.

Our power came back on and we spent the day chilling around the house.
Jenn came by with her youngins and we made an epic snow man, slid down the hill on boogie boards, and made snow angels at random.
All good things.
All good snow day.
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