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Friday, September 14, 2012

Introducing our Little One

Genevieve Lily Hansen
August 30, 2012 at 3:37pm
8lbs 9oz- 20.5" long
14" head

She is an Angel baby
Eats like a champ
Sleeps around the clock
Smiles when she coos
Hardly ever cries
Loves to poop in a new diaper
Looks up with wonder at her sisters
Is the most popular person in the house
Doesn't mind when the dog licks her head
Has lots of brown hair
Likes to be swaddled and held
Sleeps in the car
Has mixed feelings about the pacifier
Absolutely wonderful in every way, I can't believe I get to be her mother. 
And yes, I do nibble on her cheeks all day long.

You can watch her grow everyday on Instagram, rileighrocks


Naomi Mitchell said...

So beautiful, Rileigh. Congrats on your wonderful family.

Jenise Lindo said...

Who wouldn't nibble on her chubby little cheeks? ;)

Jeri said...

Too gorgeous! Congratulations! =)

Jodi said...

she's a beauty!

Kaity said...

I love her. And holy cow she looks exactly like your other girls. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! SHE IS DARLING! oh, and that bow!!

Katie said...

She is PURE PERFECTION. And by the way, I could stare at your header picture ALL DAY LONG. I really could.

Heather said...

so beautiful! I love all the pictures on Instagram, it's like I get to see a little piece of her each day! I can not wait to meet her in person:)

jamie hixon said...

Congrats! What a little love. Also, she has a beautiful name.

Jeri said...

That new makes me want to's just perfection!

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