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Sunday, December 9, 2012

100 Days of Evie

Today Miss Evie Lou turns 100 days old! She is the most amazing baby and I just love that I get to play with her everyday. She never cries pretty much sleeps through the night giggles and laughs when you kiss her cheeks and is just a new light in our home. We are all in love and completely under her little spell. A few facts about the first 100 days with Genevieve

She still loves to poop in a clean diaper
Has the fattest thighs I have ever seen, no really.
I you coo at her she will coo back
She is desperately trying to roll over but falls asleep trying
Sleeps in the dog bed as much as her crib
When Jocelyn sings to her she stops crying and smiles
Falls asleep everywhere
Spits up like a fountain
is in the "100%" for everything, height, weight, head size.
All I want to do is sit and stair at her all day
She has seen Twilight twice and Skyfall once
She smiles with her eyes
She is totally fascinated with the dog
She doesn't really cry just sort of fusses loudly 
Smiles up at me when she nurses and I love it
Brooke calls her EB, My baby EB.
In just 100 days she has gone from this
to this



Jenise Lindo said...

She is such a sweet girl! Claire loves her and tells her stories. She has an infectious smile! We love her too!

Micha said...

I love my Peaches.

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