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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whats up with that?

Anyone else singing Keenan Thompson in their heads now? Ooh wee!
Jocelyn took this picture at Crater Lake

Anyway, June may have been my favorite month ever! So much happened, so many wonderful adventures. Frankly it is all a little over whelming to sit back and ponder all of it, and then document it in my blog that I am having "technical difficulties" since picnik closed, flickr changed it's layout and I don't even know what is going on this blogger and google reader. Every time I think about trying to conquer one aspect of my online photographic journey I get wildly overwhelmed and just read online people magazine for the hundredth time. (Tomkat, who didn't see that one coming!)
However slow and steady wins the race right? Oh and there is still a baby growing in my belly and will be for the rest of the summer, We know what it is but are undecided on telling.  It's kind of fun to watch everyone guess!

This is my buffer blog post with more bits to come. Does that make sense? I swear pregnancy brain is truly frightening.


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