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Saturday, March 24, 2012


For Reals folks, It was a good old fashion Snow day.
Being a Southern California Girl, I had no idea what to expect.
To me snow is normally the cold hard crunchy stuff that is has a little more brown from being old rained on dirt snow.
I did spend that year in Maryland but that was more insane snow storms and then humidity.

Jocelyn's school was cancelled.
Ben gave his final for the quarter yesterday.
Strider ran out of dog food last night.
This morning he had two hot dogs and some left over steak.

I digress.
Today was awesome and interesting.
The power was out so we decided to make the 1/2mile trek to Denny's down the mountain.
For some pancakes and hot chocolate.
We busted out the bike trailer and pushed the kids in it, handcart style.
Brooke was fine, Jocelyn was freezing,
No socks, my bad.
After twenty minutes she insisted on being carried and her little feet were so cold.
Refused to put her boots back on.
I took off my gloves and stuck them on her feet.
That helped, but looked hilarious.
We finally make it to Denny's, and there CLOSED!
The Devastation was great.
Now we are all cold, hungry, and have to push the hand cart back up the mountain.
The plan was flawed.
But it made for a good story.

We made it home and I busted out some pancakes, God Bless Krusteaz.
And improved some Hot Chocolate, I think it worked because Jocelyn talks all the time about the day with all the snow and how we had pancakes and hot chocolate.

Our power came back on and we spent the day chilling around the house.
Jenn came by with her youngins and we made an epic snow man, slid down the hill on boogie boards, and made snow angels at random.
All good things.
All good snow day.


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