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Monday, May 7, 2012

Miss Jocelyn

Let me tell you about this kid
She is kind.
She loves her sister more than anyone in the world.
She also wrestles her WWE style, usually until someone starts crying.
She is an Artist in every possible way.
She kisses my belly all the time.
She is constantly on the hunt for Leprechauns, (today she built a house of grass, flowers and sticks for one)
She pronounces names that begin with an "S" as if they begin with a "S-P-A", Simone, becomes Spa-mone, Samantha becomes Spa-mantha, I don't correct her because it is is adorable.
She takes "a spring break" from things, "Mom, I'm taking a "spring break" from my lunch now.
She loves Dinosaurs and Dragons and wants to know what they eat constantly.
She will be any ones best friend in a heart beat.
She misses her cousins and asks about the often.
Kaitie DeMartini once said that having one Jocelyn was like having twins, it's still true.
She is a ham in front of the camera and loves to strike a pose.
Loves Preschool, Loves Loves it.
When she grows up she wants to be an Animal Rescuer.
She will try almost anything food wise once, twice is pushing it.
She always wants to know if she "Ate this when she was, two years old? Or one years old?"
She points out pink and purple flowers as we drive in the car.
She has a banshee scream that I am sure could crack glass. 
She loves to ride Strider like a sack of potatoes.
She misses her grandparents and aunts and uncles a lot.
A million is the biggest number in the world to her.
She loves My little Ponies, Baby Puppy and Peacock.
She is a great helper in the kitchen.
She loves gymnastics and swim lessons.
She always forgives me when I mess up.
She tells me she will miss me when she grows up and becomes a mommy.
But when she becomes a mommy with her own children, she will get a cat.
She is a sorter, and is brilliant.
If you try to skip a page she will call you out and make you read it again.
Her friends at school think she is funny and she loves to make people laugh.
She loves all fruit, and lots of veggies.
Her favorite Ice Cream is Rocky Road, but half way through she always want to switch with Brooke who usually gets Mint Oreo.
She figured out that if she sneaks in bed with us at our feet instead of our heads we usually don't notice and she can stay there longer.
She loves the song "Pumped up Kicks" by Foster the People but hasn't figured out the words. (gratefully)
She prays all the time, and when we have forgotten a meal she will stop and pray and retroactively.
I just really love this kid.


SarahDiane said...

Emma LOVES "Pumped Up Kicks" too. There must be something about the melody that appeals to toddlers!

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