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Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Festival

This party was insane on every level. We had it two days before we moved across the country. We wanted to throw a big bash to say goodbye to our dear friends in Maryland. For the last two weeks we had been living at the cousins house while they were out of town. Jeri and Lincoln came home a few days before and had all been together as one big crazy family for days. Any sane person would have bought a cake at Costco and called it a day. But that's not how we roll.

This party would not have happened without Jeri, she was AMAZING! She worked pretty stinking hard for a party that wasn't even for her own child. Major props to Ben and Lincoln for cleaning up the backyard and turning the dinosaur pinata into a dragon. (the one ordered online didn't make it on time)

And so it goes...


We had set up several little play stations for our nine princesses and two knights and a prince.

(The knights must have been fighting in the crusades during this picture)

The Royal Jewelers
I tried to let Jocelyn do her own thing, I may have helped a little :)
making crowns
White pre-cut paper crowns from Michaels spray painted gold ($2.95 for 12), a bag of beautiful play jewels on clearance and you have your self a bunch of very happy princesses.

The Armory

What would a Royal Festival be without at an Armory? An empty deck across the yard made for the perfect "contained" fighting space. I bought three swords at Walmart (and my girls attack their father daily) and Wyatt had an arsenal that he was more than happy to share.

princess and the sword

the fighters

The Jester's Paint Shop
This was our most popular booth! As soon as I brought out the paint set the girls lined up to have their face painted (I think I will do this for every party in the future so great!) Face painting kit from Michaels (50% off coupon)

face painting
Not wanting the King to feel left out Jocelyn and Simone did a little painting of their own.


The Royal Bubblery
Lots bubble wands made from pipe cleaners and bubble juice. It was fantastic!


A View of the Party before it started. We called the Jungle Gym the Dragon's Lair (sword fights happened here too) In the back you can see the Armory, the Jesters Paint Shop and the Royal Bubblery.


I have a confession to make, last week Jocelyn got in trouble (not serious) for "decorating" the living room walls, it wasn't exactly her fault. You see she had done it once before...

kiss the frog

We (Jeri) blew up a picture from the Princess and the frog from this website and taped the pages together. I think it was 12 pieces of paper total. The girls LOVED it!


It was announced that an Evil Dragon had come to the castle and stolen the gold, it was up to the brave princess and princes and knights to get it back.

Off we went on a Dragon Hunt


This was so easy and so fun. As the boys were setting up I lead a dragon hunt around the block. Every few steps we stopped to search for dragon clues, preform dragon dances, share our favorite colors, discuss dragon eating habits, hide from dragons flying over head and any other random thing I could think of while we were stalling. The kids got so into it, the bigger kids helping the smaller ones along the way. It really was quite precious.

It was time to slay the dragon with a flaming sword!

Wyatt's dragon slaying blow!
The treasure rained down on the the little guests to squeals of delight.

After all the slaying it was time to Feast.

And what a Feast it was...


more food

The cake was a labor of love and a whole lot of fun!I searched for pictures on the internet of different cakes trying to find one I could make without fondant (too intimidating). The towers are sugar cones and cake cones dipped in a sugar cookie glaze several times until they were properly coated. The pictures don't really do it justice. It was really spectacular and Jocelyn tells everyone she meets about her "Seeping Booty Castle Cake".


Picnik collage
It was late the night before and Jeri and I had a good time making signs for all the food and play stations. My favorite was "Knights of the Round Pizza."

They liked it

Those towers were the most requested Item! Everyone wanted a piece including a little sleeping beauty who had just woken up from her nap.

eating the towers

By this time everyone (especially the moms) were exhausted. Presents were given (and Jocelyn scored) and then it was time for goodbyes. It was such a good party and everyone had a marvelous time! Next year... she is getting a cake from Costco ;)

two little ones
the end.


Jocelyn- You are our little princess of light and we love every second of you. We had so much fun planning and putting this party together for you. We LOVE you darling! Happy Birthday!
Ben- Thank you for putting up with this, being at my beck-n-call, making the pizzas and supporting me in making this wonderful party... and paying for it. I love you.
Jeri- Thank you for letting us trash your house, staying up late to help me make everything, laughing with me when the cake was growing through some "technical difficulty", Taking the pictures and being my Diana Berry.
Mom- Thank you for inspiring me as a child and sharing your wonderfully creative ideas with me through out my life.
Susan Richards- who taught a cake decorating class when I was in the fourth grade. She taught me about the crumb layer and how to make the frosting smooth.
Google- You Rock!
Lincoln- Thanks for hanging out at a kids party because I know you don't do that :)
Wyatt, Natalia, Simone- For doing everything we asked you that morning without complaining!
Catherine- For putting on a wonderful dance performance and entertaining the kids when we needed a minute and for just being wonderful in general.
Maggie- For showing up three weeks after having a baby.
Katie- For driving over an hour in traffic to be there.
Christina- for being our first friends in Maryland.
Jazmine- You were there in spirit!
We love and miss you all!

What kinda party would it be with out a few tears ;)


Kaity said...

You are amazing! You could make big bucks being the birthday planner. So fun that the Erbs were there. Are you settled in your new place? I want to see pics.

Maggie said...

It was so fun. We totally miss you guys. Princess parties rule. And by the way, I think it was only 2 weeks after having the baby. =)

Jewels said...

You are seriously the coolest mom ever. It is no surprise to me that you're able to create such amazing fantasies for your girls to live in. They are the luckiest girls ever! I know I was extremely lucky to have you work your magic at my wedding reception. (and on my hair!) I'll never forget it! :)

Jeri said...

It was a great party! I am trying to plan Natalia's party right this minute. This is going to be an adventure, and I wish you were here to help me with the pretty details. =)

Heather said...

Awesome! what a cute party. I am glad I got to see all the pictures. Jocelyn can look back on this and see how awesome her parties were:)

Kiki said...

Because Rileigh truly does Rock, and we can't get by without a little help from our bosom buddies...
I loved viewing this from far away. Hugs!

Katie said...

I've been waiting for this post!! Those kissing pictures are KILLING me. This is such a happy memory for us - You and Jeri are the dream team!!

The Studes said...

i am sooo jealous! Will you come to utah next year and plan my birthday party for me =)

no seriously this is such a cute idea.!

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