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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

weekly musings of yester year: babymoon

When I was pregnant with Jocelyn we went on a baby-moon. It was our last chance to have a vacation kids free for awhile and so a cruise to Mexico was planned. Ben's cousin worked for Princess cruises and so we took advantage of the family discount (Andrew we miss that... a lot). We spent seven fun filled days traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. I had been horribly horribly sick for months and was just starting to feel better. It was good to get out out and get away from it all. Swim in the pools, lay in the sun and eat. We ate... a lot... my doctor was mad when I got back, he was an old fart anyway :)

mexican pics 098
I think I forgot how to smile for pictures for like a year? I promise you I am happy, I think I am going for a smiling with out smiling picture which just ends up looking mean. I blame top-model.
Note the sea-sickness band on my wrist, those things are a life saver!

Puerto Vallarta
mexican pics 105

mexican pics 099

Puerto Varallta was our favorite spot. I got a massage next door to the tattoo parlor by the church. The city was nice and we had a good time walking around and seeing the old cathedrals surrounded by well, tattoo parlors. Next time we go we will go into the jungle and ride the zip-line, but being 6 months pregnant our "shore excursions" options were limited.

Next up was Mazatlan

This was not our favorite spot, it was cold and windy that day and the beach was swarming with salesmen. I bought a cheap wedding band because at this point my fingers were so "swollen" that my ring no longer fit. I was tired for feeling knocked up so I bought a new one here. Oh... and Ben went para sailing.
mexican pics 116

You see in Mexico you don't need to fill out any wavers or insurance forms before you get thrown up in a kite and pulled around the ocean 100 feet in the air. You just need 30 bucks and an basic understanding of broken English.

It was fun to watch him, however I chose not to partake, I just sat on the beach and prayed my unborn child would still have a father by the time we were supposed to be back on the boat.

Cabo San Lucas

mexican pics 124
We woke up very early this morning to watch the sunrise.
It was pretty, I was sleepy, but then we ate waffles and it was good.

We went snorkeling with the fishes. That was really fun though I am pretty sure everyone on our boat was concerned about me going into labor at any minute. I assured them I was fine.
I just remembered... when we were swimming to our "private island" we saw a whale! That was cool.

cabo snorkel

mexican pics 170
I realize now that pirate stripes and pregnancy don't mix, but what did I know then? I paid two dollars to have my picture taken with an iguana with a tiny sombrero. Clearly not my chicest moment. Can we talk about the cropped gaucho pants?!? sad face.

mexican pics 109
So that was our baby-moon, we really had a great time (regardless of my facial expressions say in pictures) I highly suggest you taking one.

Oh and one other thing...

Ben got a tattoo

mexican pics 205
the end.


It's fake.


Jewels said...

Although the iguana picture might not've been your finest moment, at least you have a fantastic smile. :)

Raiza said...

i heart you Riles :) and i especially love the iguana with the little hat on.
i don't think i would be smiling either with a little one kicking my kidneys and such... :)
viva mexico!

Maggie said...

Love this post. Rileigh you are fabulous. MD misses you. BTW, Is that a real shark tattoo??

Jeri said...

Yes, I am questioning the shark too. By too, I mean also, not trying to be cool by shortening the word tattoo.

GREAT GREAT POST! I can't believe you held that iguana. Wait...yes, I can.

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