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Sunday, September 26, 2010

last week

I don't know where to start when it comes to blogging about last week.

It is filled with mixed feelings.

So much good.

Surrounded by so much terrifying.

We are all Okay.

Tap shoes, soccer games, doctors visits, surgery scheduled, crutches, mini breakdowns, missed naps, home searching, offer writing, tears, aebleskivers, running, prayer, baby showers, play-dates, Ben needs a new ACL, making cookies, playing at the park, ballet shoes, vacuuming, lipstick, testimony strengthening, ants, laughter dishes and laundry, toe nail painting, prayer, new pink boots, not running, time outs, early mornings, late nights, laundry piles, pumpkin, braids, did I mention aebleskivers?, Cannonball Run II, prayer.

It was a busy week. Some parts I would do again in a heart beat. Some I hope I never have to go through again. (Cannonball Run II)

This was the first batch that actually looked like balls and not little Ms. Pacmen.

Lets hope this week is much better :)


felicity & nathaniel said...

N had his ACL replaced 3 years ago. He did the surgery where they replaced it with some of his own tendon. He's playing soccer like a (32-yr-old father of 3) hero these days! Good luck. Good. Luck. It'll be a nightmare for a week, and then it gets better. Hope your next week goes better!

Jewels said...

You're making aebelskivers?! Can I say I'm jealous? Maybe we'll have to drive ourselves all the way over there... They look delicious. :) Best of luck with Ben's surgery!

Raiza said...

Awwww hope Ben gets better quickly!

i will be glad to never see aebleskiver again after danish days last week... uuggghhhh

Jeri said...

Crazy. I can't believe Ben got hurt! There were a lot really good things on that list, and I believe they made have out numbered the bad. Keep your chin up. Good luck with all that lies ahead.

Katheryn Bieber said...

Oh my gosh I made aebleskivers last week with the SAME EXACT JAM!!!!!

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