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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

follow the trail

It starts with a 99 cent tube of lipstick

lipstick 4
keep going
lipstick 2
It gets better
more lipstick
see what I mean??
lipstick 3
lipstick 1
The End.


felicity & nathaniel said...

ooh. dear.
Good luck with that one, friend. magic eraser shall be your friend.

ESN said...

Pure girl!!

Brenna said...

She obviously has too much love to contain it. Also, MAGIC ERASER. Great series.

Jeri said...

I loved this! It's your fault Mommy...and you know it! She was a pro at the party.

The Studes said...

Atleast she left kiss marks on the wall and not just a big scribble. I give her a 10 for creativity!

also how did you end up cleaning it off your walls?

Rileigh said...

baby wipes!

Rileigh said...

baby wipes!

Kiki said...

hilariousness. what good memory making :)

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