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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It has begun!

We are building a house.
For months we have been planning and picking things out, changing our minds and then changing them again.
Covering my walls with paint samples.
Researching tile, fireplaces, chandeliers, bathtubs...
It has been a lot, like a whole lot.

It is going to look like this

So far it has just been a dream, something thing that we think about and plan for and think, "Man won't it be nice when we can have more then three people over and not feel squished?"
Yesterday, it became real.

Back in November

I will keep you posted because I am crazy excited!


Maggie said...

YAY! I am crazy excited for you guys too! Thanks for the photos...can't wait to see more!

Raiza said...

wow!!! way to go Riles!!! :) so exciting!!!

Ben said...

What is this some kinda joke? This house is going to need be at least 3 times that size.

Katie said...

SO exciting! Can't wait to follow the progress!

Jeri said...

I now have a digging song stuck in my head. LOVED the photos, take lots as it goes along.

jamie hixon said...

That is soooo awesome! I'm a huge fan of blueprints, thanks for posting those. I love a house with a study. How long will it take to complete?

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