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Friday, December 17, 2010

Good Day

Today was kind of wonderful.
I needed a wonderful day.
Maybe it was because I went to bed at 8PM the night before and slept until 7:30.

I read my scriptures
Caught up on laundry
Made Molasses cookies with two little helpers and let them snitch as much as they want.
My house has never smelt so good... never.
Played, like really played with my kids, we had a tea party.
Brought Ben lunch and drove over to our house to check out the progress.
Made a fantastic side dish for the Ward Christmas Party
(mashed white sweet potatoes, red potatoes, rosemary, onions, garlic and butter)
It was fantastic
Discovered Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy is now on hulu.
Practiced counting with Jocelyn.
Did I mention my kids have not watched TV once today?

Now onto the party
gingerbread train
Seriously how cute is this train? They passed out kits for the kids to make?
I don't think I will ever make a regular gingerbread house again.
nativity 1
The live nativity.
Jocelyn still in nursery was not actually supposed to be in it. When I told her she burst into tears. My very sweet friend Lisa grabbed a piece of tulle, stretched out a hole and ta-da instant Angel! The whole thing was wonderful.
sleepy baby
Very sleepy baby up way passed her bed time.

Right now Ben is having a boys night, Tron with all the men from the activity.
I am here avoiding the dishes... and watching Grey's Anatomy.

Like I said, really good day.


Skylar said...

Woh. That is CRAZY. We watched (the old) Tron last night. Weird....... Cute gingerbread trains. Poor Jocelyn!

Blacks said...

We would make trains instead of houses every year with my grandparents... loved them!
That is so exciting that you're building a house, I love the floor plan! Have fun!

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