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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

POW 52


Eight days with out a post.
I am fired.
Last week was busy, very busy.
Fed the Missionaries, lead a massive ornament making preschool party, hosted an "newbie" economics dinner, introduced foreigners to Apples to Apples, oh and the girls got hair cuts, like real ones. I may have cried a little.
This week will be... busy.
Can you believe Christmas will be in a 11 days?
I have no idea what I am getting Ben or my brother?
(what do you send to a migrant organic farm worker/5 star chef in Hawaii?)
Christmas cards have been addressed for almost a week sitting in my car waiting for three addresses, but mostly I am too chicken to take both girls to the post office.
I used the wrong picture anyway. It was very late at night.
Send us a card if you like. It would be nice to feel loved out here in Oregon.
Anyway it is 2:43 in the AM and Nicolas Cage is about to stab himself in the heart with a giant needle.
All of my Christmas presents Ben's family are finished and wrapped.
Oh he just did it.
I love this movie.



Jeri said...

Funny post! Love the haircuts! I wants to see Jocey's from the back. Is it short?

I love that movie too! When I carried around an EPI pen, Lincoln would say, "I want you to have another allergic reaction so I can stab that thing in your heart!" LOL! K- really that's not funny is it.

Skylar said...

Cheese. or bacon, but I doubt that ships well (LOL!)

Skylar said...

Those are some cute haircuts.

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