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Friday, October 30, 2009

the thoughts in my head

Dear New Hat,

I am very glad I found you. We are going to rock it this winter.

with love,


Dear Project Runway,

Why is Chris still on the show? His clothing is all the same and he is a cry baby. Don't get me wrong Logan was not my favorite but I am still bitter about Shirin going home instead of Chris. Please don't send him to Bryant Park just because he is the last boy left. Oh and I think Althea should win, her clothes are beautiful and she is really nice.

yours truly,


Dear Amanda,

Thank you for listening today, for thinking my food looked yummy and for cracking me up as always. You are a good friend.


Dear Brooklyn's teeth

Make up your mind and stop torturing my baby.

-Brooke's very tired mom

Dear Pilates,

Every part of me is sore, even the top of my feet. How is that possible? See you next Thursday for round 2!


Dear Joel Mchale,

Ben and I think you are brilliant, and that Community is the funniest new show on television. Well done.

-the Hansens

one last thought

Brooke you have the most ticklish feet I have ever encountered, I fear for your future because right now they are too delicious.


Jeri said...

Best letters ever! I am so sore too. My whole body! Now I am laughing and it HURTS.

I can't wait to see your hat.

Katie said...

Dear Rileigh,

We won't rest until we see you rockin the hat.

Your faithful followers

jamie hixon said...

Althea was a BRAT last time, what are you talking about?? But she is good. I think I would rather be friends with that girl from the south with two names. I am forgetting them both right now. But she has always been nice.

They CANNOT send Chris to fashion week. That WILL NOT happen.

Ally Schulkins said...

I love community!! AND your hat will rock winter.

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