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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pre-halloween goodness

a few shots from our crazy weekend, I did a lot of baking, Halloween cookies, two pumpkin moose pies and twenty-four chocolate filed cupcakes with brown sugar icing dressed like mummies.

we also went to my favorite little farm, and grabbed some pumpkins

Ward Halloween Carnival
it was good, crazy, I am still recovering, but good. the end.


Vivian said...

ben is the most frightening thing i've ever seen.

Jeri said...

Your pies were divine..and I would have done the cake walk to get one of you cupcakes!!

Cute pirates!

I have to say thanks again for the cookie decorating that the kids did that morning! I have told a million people how amazing and thoughtful you are. (They were so good too!)

Corinne said...

Wahoo! I think I ate one of those mummy jobbies. Wonderful :)

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