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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my old kitchen

I told you I like trees didn't I? This was my kitchen in Family Student Housing. Before we moved in I told Ben, "I love you, but I am not living in that kitchen for four years." So we did, and then I got pregnant and bored with crazy hormones and creative juices and I began to paint. I was inspired by a mural I saw in my favorite discontinue magazine. Here was the result. It made me smile and people do a double take through my kitchen window. This picture was taken right before we painted it back to its orginal color, "Yuka Yellow". I am not kidding that is what the color is called. Good Bye little kitchen you served us well.


Vivian said...

those kitchens can be so depressing. yours looked like a happy place.

Katie said...

LOVED these cupboards! They were so very Rileigh!

Benjamin said...

Miss that little kitchen

Jeri said...

Wonderful! I love the blue. You are so talented!

RIP will be missed.

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