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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So... There is a baby in my belly

16 weeks
For 16 weeks I have been growing a baby in my belly.
It is due at the end of August.
We are not going to find out if it is a little boy or girl.
We want to be surprised.
We are excited.
Especially now that I feel like me again.
These last few months have physically been the hardest of my life.
So sick, so sleepy, so.... Lets just say I was like an angry bear who kept trying to hibernate and kept getting woken up by two little squirrels.

After Brooke was born I promised myself that when we had another one. I would be better about taking pictures and documenting my next pregnancy.
And then I remembered why I was so bad about it with the other two.
I think there have been less than five times, when I even put on makeup!
Thing are better now.
I got a hair cut, I remembered where the gym was, and I can stay up past 9 o'clock, sometimes.
It's going to be okay.

A few things about my pregnancy.

I found out in a Target bathroom because I couldn't wait and had to pee.
Zofran helps but I was still very sick.
I crave orange juice, steak, and potatoes,
Chocolate gives me heart burn but I eat it anyway.
For a long time water tasted bad, but it is good again, but only cold.
I think this one has been harder because I am mom to two other little ones.
At first we told Jocelyn it was a fish swimming around in my belly, in case something
Jocelyn is so excited and has named the baby after everyone in her class, but only after Phinneas and Ferb were vetoed.
I haven't taken pictures in so long and I miss it.
I miss doing lots of fun stuff.
But I am determined to do fun things again, watch out Easter!
My hormones are terrifying, especially to me.
Everything makes me cry, EVERYTHING.
My husband rocks.
I am so ready for spring and pink cherry blossoms.
I re-read the Hunger Games and the "good parts" of Twilight because it was there.
And it was awesome.
Brooke is naked 92% of the time, we are potty training, but mostly she is just way faster than me.
Way faster.
I go back and forth between thinking this is a brilliant idea, and the craziest idea we have ever had.
I sort of want to have Peter Pan inspired nursery, but the girls walls are still bare.
For reals, my boobs are awesome.
I think we may have a third gymnast on our hands.
If it's a Girl I have no idea what to name her, like no idea.
If it's a Boy, we have a middle name and then have no idea.
If it's a Girl, we will be a house a pink and purple and ponies and spa dates.
If it's a boy Ben can go to the Father and Son camp-out and make marshmallow guns.
If it's a Girl we will be making marshmallow guns anyway.
In fact I am kinda shocked we don't have any now.
I think my ward thinks I am inactive.
I don't think I should be aloud to drive or operate heavy machinery.
I am so excited to snuggle this baby on the outside.
Our little family is ready for a new friend.


Maggie said...

YAY Riles! We have missed you. You look awesome, nice 16 week picture. I hope you continue to feel better. I am sorry your pregnancies are so hard. Excited that you are going to be surprised for this baby!

The Studes said...

love you and glad you are feeling better. I still think you should consider atleast Ferb, very solid boy and also girl name :)

Jenn Kirk said...

Congrats again! And hmmm, your OJ and steak and potatoes cravings are making me think boy. I had the same cravings with both boys -- sour things and protein! Hope you come out of the sickness soon. At 16 weeks, that icky stuff should be behind you!

a. maren said...

i love this! you're amazing for doing it! also i was going to say i like phinneas fogg!

Cheryl said...

I don't usually post on blogs...mostly because I'm probably kind of lazy. But Rileigh, I think all of what you said could go into a baby book of my own. I love how you think. This post was: Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration

Katie said...

So guess what I love you. I'm SO happy to see you blogging. It's like finding a present in my Google Reader, wrapped up in one of your pretty blue satin sashes.

Grandma Hansen said...

FINALLY! Thank you for updating your blog, I quit checking it after seeing kiki's wedding for forever....I love you, hang in there.

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