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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Girls

the girls


Loves Strider and snuggles him all day AKA likes to pull his tale.

Loves making train tracks

Will whack you in the head with a toy if you are not careful

But will be quick to kiss you on the cheek to say she is sorry.

Refuses to eat anything that isn't in matching bowls, spoons and cup set.

And even then, she has become…. Selective.

But she loves, fruit and tuna and crackers and sometimes a carrot.

She is saying more words and sounds.

Shoe, "ShOOOUe" is my favorite.

Calls Jocelyn "Ya Ya"

Will run towards you with both arms wide open laughing and smiling to give you a hug.

Loves ALL puppies. Everywhere.

She will fall asleep anywhere if she has a blanket and a stuffed animal with a tag

Is a future Gymnastic Star! So strong! So flexible. She LOVES IT!


Loves preschool

Knows every verse to "Down by the Bay"

Sings "Somewhere out there" while looking out the window to the moon, nightly.

Has recently discovered "potty words". Poopy makes it's way into the conversation more then I would like.

Can be coerced into eating her dinner for the first time in her life.

My little Ponies are her favorite. And Hello Kitty, and Barbies and dress up and coloring. Lots and lots of coloring.

Is completely in love with a boy named Sammy at school

She was three different things for Halloween this year.

She cheers for me when I drive fast down the hill by our house. "Go Mommy Go!"

Right now we talk a lot about the Earth and how it spins around the Sun and why we have night and day.

Says that Jesus is one of her best friends.

Will do anything for Chocolate Milk… really just about anything.

Will smile for pictures but only if you tease her not too.

Rides Strider like a horse.


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