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Friday, November 11, 2011

Being Brave

I have decided to be bold.
I am a little nervous and very excited.
I really love taking pictures of my family.
So I thought YOU might love ME taking pictures of yours.


Picnik collage


Joes Birthday and photo shoot 182

What do ya think?
To get the ball rolling I thought I would offer a special discount to the hard working Grad-Students and their families.
Private sessions are available as well. Contact me for further details!
Picnik collage


The Studes said...

you are so talented! you can totally do this =)

Grandma Hansen said...

This is a great idea! There is a special quality to your photos, I think it is just the way you view things through the lens and it inspires others when they see what you captured. I like the flyer. Maybe I can book a session while we are there for Christmas?

Katie said...

It would be a crime if you DIDN'T!!!! I love your photography - Your blog always looks sooo delicious. My only fear is that you're not charging ENOUGH! You're THAT good!

Naomi Mitchell said...

I think it's a great idea! I take portraits for my friends, and charge very low amounts or barter all my work so anyone (no matter economic status) can have beautiful family portraits. Spread the photo love, if you've got the talent it's selfish to not spread it around! Can't wait to see your shots.

jamie hixon said...

Good for you! You should already be doing this, actually.

Anonymous said...

YOU got this!!!! :)

Maggie said...

yep, totally time. you are going to rock it! can't wait to see more!

Heather said...

you rock, go for it. I loved the pictures you took of us, they turned out so great, and so will every shoot you do in the future:)You should fly out here and take picture of the twins:)

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