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Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Professor- our morning without you

Dear Professor Hansen,

This is how our friday has gone without you.

6:24 Girls wake up and come and get in bed with me.
6:29 I put them both back in their room and say, "See you at 7".
7:08 I hear a minor crash and go running in. Jocelyn hit her hip jumping from bed to bed.
7:15 Making chocolate french toast for breakfast. Jocelyn sets the table. Brooke plays with toys on the counter.
7:21 It starts snowing... sort of, it's slushy and won't stick. We let Strider in the backyard for #1. He comes back covered in ice. The girls laugh as he shakes it off.
7:28 Dressed in a fuzzy pink bathrobe, brown moccasins, and a blue apron I throw the ball for Strider in the front yard. It's freezing and still a little rainy (sleeting has stopped) So it on the rocking bench on the porch and throw from there.
7:31 Two little girls follow me outside and sit next to me on the bench.
7:32 They both go back inside.
7:34 Brooke comes back with her plate of food, fork and cup of Emergency water. Takes her seat on the bench. Jocelyn comes back dragging the blanket off the couch and two puppy toys.
7:35-7:42 We sit more comfortably on the rocking on the bench while Strider chases the ball and finishes his business.
7:44 Strider shakes off in the hallway, I wipe him down with a towel, and all the walls as well.
7:50 Girls start a bath for them selves. Strider eats, I blog about our morning.
8:03 Brooke runs out of the bath naked waving her arms in the air.
8:04 Brooke returns to the bathroom with this.


To be continued...


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