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Saturday, November 19, 2011

By the numbers

Number of Days Ben has been gone: 3
Number of Days Ben will still be gone: 2
Number of minutes Brooke has been locked in the bathroom, refusing to open the door while playing in the sink: 30
Number of felt leaves I cut out and stung into a garland with Jocelyn: 100
Number of Episodes of Project Runway season 4 watched: 4
Number of Phone calls I have made regarding the ward activity: 25
Number of minutes I laughed inappropriately at the Werewolves in Breaking Dawn:5
Number of times I held my breath or swooned during Breaking Dawn: A million
Number of Candy Cane Joe-Joe's consumed by me and the girls: 32
Number of runners, dog walkers and cars, Strider has "warned" us about today: 7
Number of Poopy Diapers: 3 and counting
Number of Pictures I still need to edit: 75
Number of Dishes I have done: 0
Number of hours it took me to figure out how to use my silhouette machine: 3
Number of FANTASTIC Breaking Dawn inspired shirts I made: 2
Number of Feathers Jaime wore in her hair last night: 4
Number of hours before bedtime: 2.5
Time I have to leave for church tomorrow: 7:30 with BOTH kids for Ward Council.

Wish me luck!



Jodi said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy! You are better than me. Taylor has been gone 11 days with 10 more to go. I think all I've done (other than loving and keeping my child alive)is eat way too much chocolate, moan about the short days, and clean out one filing cabinet.

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