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Saturday, July 9, 2011

So you want to see the house?

Bought a new batter charger Huzzah!

These pictures were taken during our final walk through. Don't ask me why I didn't a picture of the master bedroom, closet, retreat, playroom or office.
I think I was exhausted and brain dead from packing.DSC_0006
As you can see.

Let me re-phrase, Here are SOME pictures of the house sans furniture and things.


Hello House

Living Room

Dining Room

(Carla our Realtor she was Fantastic!)

View from dining room so you can see how they all fit together
(Ben and Mike the contractor Looking over paperwork)
Mike was also Fantastic

Back Yard

Back Side Yard
(The tree in the background is the one you can see in the foreground in the picture above)

The Upstairs
(there is a beautiful window going up the stairs It's just hard to photograph)
Enjoy the picture of the playroom (the yellow room) because it is the only one.
Upstairs Bath

Upstairs Landing

Hall Bath
(It's not this yellow in person)

Guest Room

Laundry Room

Girls Room

Master Bedroom
Not pictured

Master Bath
The Tub

Master Bath

Master Bath

The End.


christy said...

Wow! I love it--the layout, the colors, the girls' light fixture, THE tub. It all looks perfect. Can't wait to see more pictures down the road once you've made it yours even more.

Jodi said...

I really love it!

Vivian said...

i love the dining room and kitchen! great layout, great colors!

SarahDiane said...

I LOVE it! Very tasteful, very you. I'm a wee bit envious.

Maggie said...

You know you are a very lucky girl, right? Congrats!

Katie said...

EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cottage exterior! The built in cabinets! The dark wood floors! The molding! The backsplash! The island! The appliances! The chandeliers! The colors!! The floorplan!! The tub!!!!!! You are Barbie, and this is her dream house!

Jeri said...

YUM! I've never wanted to eat a house so much.

jamie hixon said...

HOLY CRAP!! Your house is amazing!! I love that the walls are NOT white like mine were/in some places still are. Let true heaven begin. Seriously, my next house I should build from the ground up, your house ROCKS.

Corinne said...

ditto Jeri. double re: that TUB@!

The Merkleys said...

Wow, your house is BEAUTIFUL inside and out! So nice.

Amy said...

wow I love it! I love the blue backsplash in the kitchen and the chandelier in the kids room. Oh and the tub... very cute!

Kristina said...

omigoodness Rileigh your house is darling. And not in a condescending so quaint kind of way, in a "How I wish I was you right now and could design my own darling house" kind of way. Your master bath tub is definitely my most favorite part. I also super love your kitchen. And pretty much everything about it. Can't wait to see pictures of when you guys are finally all moved in!

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