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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tie-Dying Easter Eggs *Repost**Update*

Just found a fantastic tutorial about how to Silk Dye, blown eggs, from Our Best Bites, totally fantastic.
Check it out here.

Jeri and I did this last year and it was fantastic.
Can't wait to do this again this week.


Oh my goodness this was my favorite
Start by going to the thrift store and buy all the cheap silk ties you can find. Cheaper the silk the better. Bold colors and patterns look amazing.

After gutting the ties cut a square of the tie just big enough to wrap around the whole egg, We were able to get about 4 eggs per tie. Wrap the square right side around the egg and tie with a rubber band. You want it to be touching as much of the egg as possible.
Stick all your eggs in a old pair of tights and put it in a big bowl of boiling water (medium heat) with 3 tbls of vinegar. Bring back to a boil and simmer for 20minutes.

Run cold water over the eggs when cooled...
Unwrap the magic
Next year I am going to hallow out the eggs so that I can keep them
For more instructions you can watch this.


Tracy said...

I saw this and was going to try it out this year because I thought it looked awesome. Yours turned out great.

Kristina said...

tried to do this last year but didn't end up with enough ties, so I decided to collect ties all year so I could do it this year! Yeah I totally didn't. Someday I will be a part of this awesomeness.

Are the eggs still edible after all that vinegar and boiling?

Anonymous said...

Completely awesome, Rileigh. I will be making these this year most definitely! Thanks for sharing!
Take care & peace to you and yours,

Flem said...

Dumb question here, but do you hard boil the eggs before and then they cook for another 20? Or do you use uncooked eggs?

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