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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inside the Pleasantree

I can't believe it has already been a whole week since we were at the Treesort.

The morning light inside the tree was divine.
morning light

Our bed was a mattress up in the loft. The view out our window.
The View

looking down at the cabin below.
The view below

Need to use the restroom?
Hang up your clothes?
Wash your hands?
Behind the curtain was toilet and shower.
No need to go across the suspension bridges in the morning.
Inside Cabin

The tree ran right through the middle of the cabin.
You can see the sink bumped up next to it above.
holding it all together

There was a heater inside the cabin so we were plenty warm at all times.

The whole thing was really quite spectacular.
The wood was so beautiful.
Warm and cozy.
inside the cabin

Future family reunion spot?
I think so.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, my family will be moving to Eugene next summer, bookmarked this site and will definitely have to hit this place up when we're there.

Robert said...

What a fun place to stay!

Jill said...

Wow! I hadn't heard about this place. I just sent a link to Nick and hopefully we check it out sometime soon. Looks really cool.

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