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Friday, March 4, 2011

my sweet silly girl

Miss Jocelyn,

I just put you to bed. There was a moment that was so cute, so beautiful so perfect I had to write it down before it disappeared. I was laying on your bed and we were snuggling, You were wearing your pink pony nightgown that you got for Christmas two years ago and that will fit you for another two. I was singing "My Heavenly Father Loves me," I would sing part of the verse and then you would sing the last word.

I got to the verse,
" ... the color of butterfly wings,
he gave me my ... (ears)",

You sang "heart" perfectly and then looked at me because we both knew that part was coming up next, and then we both burst into laughter. It was so cute and so perfect.
"Heart" was now the only word you would say at the end of each verse, followed by a little giggle.
You silly sweet girl.

I love putting you to bed.



miss out the window


Jeri said...

That may be one of my favorite pictures of her...ever! (It makes me teary.)

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