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Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday * Update*

artist at work

All I have to say is, "You should have seen the other guy!"

* Correction!!!*

After observing the girls water color today I,
Brooke did this to herself!
She was putting on "make-up".
Sorry Miss Jocelyn for assuming it was you, for the face. I saw you paint her belly.

I guess they are still a little young for "semi-supervised painting time"
(I was trying to clean the kitchen)
They were giggling and laughing and went through the entire set of paint. (it was crap paint that I won't be buying again)

Jocelyn was already in the tub when I took this picture.

I thought the rainbow she had painted on Brooke's face on her face was so pretty, and to be fair, Brooke started it.

My girls, my girls.

Enjoy your weekend folks.


{A}nnie said...

That has to be THE cutest picture i have ever seen.
it tells such a darling little story!
i think you are so sweet and darling btw.


Grandma Hansen said...

I love this picture! A big thank you to Rileigh for letting these babies have fun in creative ways. Great grandpa Hansen loved Rainbows.

Jeri said...

Prettiest face painting ever!

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