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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little Loves Love to Hate 5

baby on the table

"No Babies on the Table"!
Actually, it's more like "No Big Girls on the Table".
I say this twenty-five times a day... easy.
Do you see her giving me "the eye"?
She knows the rules
But she knows she is delicious enough to get away with it.
Sneaky Pirate.


I love to cook. I really really do.
I think I am pretty good at.
I don't have my name on the menu like Jason does here.
Way to go brother!
But I feel a sense of peace and accomplishment in making delicious food.
I like to make it pretty too. I am a fan of garnish, even if it is uncessary.
But not parsley... who eats that stuff anyway?
It should have color, eat a rainbow of colors they say.
I do. I think it tastes better.
I have plans for a small garden in the new house.
Herbs for sure and a few fun fruits and veggies.
Boysenberries growing slightly wild down one of the fences.
Its going to be fabulous.
I pretty want my husband and children to think I am the best cook in the world.
I don't think it's too much to ask?
carrot cake
Truly divine Carrot Cake I make for Easter.
They have a hard time waiting till it's cut.
I don't blame them.
You would too.


Jeri said...

This is one of my favorite memories. Love this cake! Love that you shared it with us.

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