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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

18 months


Little Miss Brooks

You are awesome and every day I am so glad we didn't wait longer to have you.

You are currently obsessed with Shoes which word you don't know but you walk around making the "sh" sound over and over again. I often find you with just one shoe one that usually is not yours.
You love to brush your teeth but you are not too keen on letting me do it.

You are using a fork and spoon like a champ and you have decided that you are too good for the high chair and now you take your meals sitting at the table with the rest of us. If only you could stay in your seat, I feel like I say "No babies on the table" thirty times a day :)

The bathroom cabinets is your secret hiding spot.

You love your baby lamb and pink kitty and special blanket and because of them you sleep just about anywhere with out a problem. (thank you)

Dressing your self is your big girl trick. You have been spotted covered in dress up necklaces and bracelets like the Queen of Sheeba. Your still figuring out regular clothes. Most things make it over your head and over one arm which sometimes you like and sometimes makes you scream. But your getting better and better at it.

Your are rocking a Prince Valiant style bob, that I am debating between cutting and letting it grow out. I think you could rock a seriously cute A-line.

You love babies, dogs, chocolate covered raisens, frozen peas, cereal, anything with a straw, standing up in the cart (ahrg) running faster then your father (but right now who can't? ;) blowing kisses, giving big hugs, bathtime, reading books, dancing to music.

You do not love, the snow, getting into carseat, putting on a new diaper, and when I cook dinner without holding you the whole time. (I am getting good at one-handed cooking).

You went to nursery by your self for the first time and didn't cry.

Your only consistent spoken word is "Mama". Sometimes, "dad" and instead of "hello" you say "annyong" buts thats our fault. You sign, Dad, water, milk, eat, baby, sleep, please, thank you, sorry, drink, more and all done.

You love your sister and she loves you. You two are just the sweetest little friends always playing and laughing together, sometimes fighting over the same toy but getting better about sharing. You follow Jocelyn like a little puppy and she leads the way holding your hand.

I love you forever,
I like your for always,
As long as your living,
My baby you'll be.


Katie said...

I remember standing outside my apartment with you, debating whether or not it was time for baby #2. Yes, I think you made the right choice!!

Jeri said...

Ack! This post makes me want to cry! My favorite parts...."annyong" (I can hear you saying that in my mind!), pink kitty, and putting on a new diaper! I've never seen a baby that tries to wriggle away from a new diaper like Brooke! Love you Brooke, miss you!

Grandma Hansen said...

My dear little Brooke, I remember how your mama let me hold you as a newborn, and how you let me hold you after you preferred your mom. You are growing up so fast, and I love you so much. What a treat it is to be your nana!

Raiza said...

you just made me cry.
this is so sweet.

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