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Sunday, November 28, 2010

~Thankful Weekend~ POW 50

snow heart
*for Jeri who loves to find hearts

This weekend really was wonderful.
Our little family did so much and yet it was still relaxing.
I have so much to be thankful for.
Right now my heart is full of love.
Love for my husband who loves me back.
Love for my Savior who has suffered so much on my behalf.
Love for my little girls whose tackle me with kisses.
Love for our families all doing so well.
Love for our new friends and so much Love for our old ones.
Love for left overs.
Love for special dates.
Love for vintage Christmas lights that we added to the tree.
Love for a rejuvenation for a better, healthier, life.
Love for a beautiful new home in the spring.
Love for medicine and technology that fixed my Love.
Love for starting new traditions and continuing new ones.
Love for finally finding a decent cupcake in this joint.
Love for a darling wonderful babysitter and her minor obsession with Justin Bieber.
Love for Preschool moms who are helping teach my daughter.
Love for a baby who spent her first day in nursery without crying.
Love for a little primary class who are so smart and so good.
Love for tiny ballet companies and their family friendly nutcracker performances.
Love for a new day to start fresh from.
Love for Prayer and the comfort it brings.
That is a lot of love.
I am a lucky girl.


Jeri said...

Had to stop by and tell you how much I love that photo! You must share it with me. =) I agree with you on that last are a lucky girl!

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