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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~Thankful~ Day 9

Today I am Thankful for silly contests and new perspectives.

This picture represents two things I vowed never to expose my children to, Chuck E. Cheese and Barney.
I failed. I'm glad I did.
Let me explain...

Our apartment complex had a little Halloween shindig two weeks ago and the girls and I went. Free food, pumpkin bowling, coloring contest. Good stuff.
The manager suggested we enter the girls in the coloring contest. I looked at their art, Brooke's was mostly colored by me apart from some awesome scribbles, and Jocelyn had drawn a spider on the back of hers.
Next day I get a phone call from the manger saying both girls had won in their age groups and their combined prizes totally $25 in Chuck E Cheese gift cards.


Today was a hard day, Jocelyn got shots, I paid bills, Ben had PT, so Chuck E. Cheese sounded pretty good for dinner. I found a coupon online and we got dinner and 45 tokens making our out of pocket a grand total of $4.95.

It was amazing! We all had a blast. Especially Jocelyn, her favorite part was collecting all the tickets. Ben hit the jackpot and over a hundred tickets came rushing out of the machine. It was like Christmas.


As for Barney, they didn't ask and I didn't tell.


Jeri said...

I am glad it was a good thing! Lincoln always complains, but then has as much fun as the kids. (Keep this place in mind on a rainy day!)

ESN said...

We love CEC.
I originally had your same goal, but it happened when I was potty training one of my boys and they had heard about CEC. One day when I was at my whits end I asked, "WHAT DO YOU WANT? I will do anything you want if you just go in the potty."
Chuck E Cheese...hey it worked...

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