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Monday, November 8, 2010

~Thankful~ Day 8

Today I am Thankful for Preschool
first day of school

Jocelyn ready for school.

A few ladies in my ward and I have started a little co-op preschool for our girls. There are four mom and five girls ranging from 5 to 3. We meet Mondays and Wednesdays for two hours. Each mom has an emphasis (reading and writing, numbers and time, arts and crafts and science and weather) It is going really well and the girls love it. *guess which emphasis I have :)


Kaity said...

Hi Rileigh!! I think about you often. Robyn is our home teacher now so we somehow got to talking Ben's torn ACL came up. Bummer! Also your mom made cinnamon rolls for us and she made caramel apples the other week. Soooo yummy. How are you guys doing? How is Oregon? Anyway, I love this picture. Jocelyn is so grown up looking with all that hair.

Vivian said...

Jocelyn looks so so cute in this picture. What a pretty girl.

Raiza said...

i would say science. bah hahahaha i still feel bad for our science teacher, can't remember her name...

Jocelyn looks adorable! she is a little clone of you!!

T-Ray said...

She is getting so grown up and looking SO cute. :o)

Katie said...

Well I certainly hope they assigned you arts and crafts!

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