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Friday, November 5, 2010

~Thankful~ Day 5

Today I am thankful for my vintage baby clothes

milk maid miss brooks

This dress was bought my my grandparents in Austria for me when I was two. My mom (clever lady that she is) saved a few special pieces for me when I got older. I love dressing my girls up in my old clothes. It makes me feel so connected to them and to my female heritage.

Plus it makes for stellar Halloween costumes. I made the hat from felt and was greatly inspired by this tutorial.

Katie, I can not thank you enough for selling me your glue-gun at a garage sale you had right before you had Cal. (I just bought new glue sticks for the first time last week)


Jocelyn fits in this dress to and they take turns wearing it to church. It really is the cutest thing, my little danish girls.


This is the only picture I could get of her standing still and smiling, but I have loads of her running fast towards the street :)


ESN said...

So adorable!!! I saved a few of my favorite pieces of clothing for my daughters...but alas...maybe for my grandaughters?

Jeri said...

So cute! The dress, the hat, and the smile!

Katie said...

1. She looks WAY too cute in that picture

2. Not surprised at all that your mom was genius enough to pass along the priceless vintage

3. Thank YOU, for your garage sale business! :) I was only SLIGHTLY bitter when I discovered that the ratty old kids chair I sold you had such enormous potential. Sigh. If only I was born with half your talent...

Raiza said...

She belongs at Danish Days!!! :) in fact, all of you belong here. so get your tuckus's down here!!! :)

she is adorable by the way... does she look like you did at that age?

Amber said...

She is really adorable! Where in Austria did the dress come from?

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