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Monday, June 21, 2010

While you were away

Dear Professor,

I love you.
Today you were missed. Terribly.
All airplanes in sight carried you across the sky... their were several.

It was a good day.
The house is still immaculate,
(you will come home to loads of clean clothes)
The girls played like loving sisters
(and let me sleep in to 7:30)

and then we went to the pool.
Do you see your baby showing no fear of the water whatsoever????
Because she has no fear... none
Remember when we went with Jocelyn to Hawaii, and she charged the ocean like a bull?
Picture Brooke in the pool now
(sans the giant Simone)
Joce and Simone were best buds at the pool today
See the lifeguard moving away from the tower?
(he is coming to tell me to get rid of my camera)

Then we had snacks.
and went to Costco for pizza and lightbulbs.
the girls ate a ton.
I changed the lights in the orange room downstairs.
...while standing on a table.
I may have broken one of the light covers...
okay it's totally smashed.
But I am fine and the girls were sleeping.
I already called the landlord and she added to the list.
Man we really know how to break in a house.
BUT the point is...
I love you.

And you are the very best Husband, Father, Friend, Storyteller, Tennis Enthusiast, Economic Superhero in the World.
You are my star.

Be safe and come home soon.




Jeri said...

Another broken light fixture?! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

I am glad I got to see you today, Rileigh.

Tara Diaz Nelson said...

Your girls are getting so big. They are so adorable. Hope Ben comes back soon.

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