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Friday, May 21, 2010

thoughts for the weekend

flying happy baby and a professor by the lake

Dear Lost,

What's up? What do you say you let Hurley run the island and let Jack and Kate live happily ever after?

excited to finally know the end

PS if it all ends up being Hurley's dream I'm gonna be pissed Plus Sawyer is a tool

Dear Miss Brooke,

I just watched the Babies movie and I missed you every second of it. It was like watching you in four different countries only you are cuter. and we don't have a goat.

love, mom

Dear Professor,

Way to tell your job we are moving to Oregon today! I know it will be hard for them because you are their star, but you know what... You were MY star first!

I love you forever and follow you anywhere!
- crazy in love with you wife

PS I am really excited to move away from the humidity

Dear Jocelyn

You changed your clothes 7 times today and looked super cute every time. I just adore you, and you remind my of your Aunt Kiki.

-love mama

Dear Warmer weather sans humidity,

Would you care to make an extended appearance this weekend? I think we could all you use a good time.

-love, my new floppy hat

Dear Mom,

Welcome to the 24 club, now you know why the name Jack has been on the top ten baby name list the last few years. He is awesome and more than a little crazy.

PS I really think you should think about Sugarland, there city is motto is "Life is sweet" which is just awesome

PPS You should ask Katie Erb about her Disneyland "Jack Bauer" story.

love, daughter

Dear Broccoli smell I cooked 3 days ago,

Please leave, you're making it difficult to remember why I bought you in the first place

the maid

Dear #5

Thank you for inspiring Wall-E, however if I could only save one, you wouldn't have a prayer.

PS Your mother was a snow blower!

sincerely, Indian Fischer Stevens

That is all I have to say for now.

Enjoy your weekend, play with bubbles, fly kites and make mini muffins. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Jewels said...

You're moving to Eugene? You'll be less than 12 hours from us! I think you should take a trip to Glacier. It would be some seriously good times. When are you moving? So excited to have you all somewhat closer!

GirlyWarrior said...

"Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?"

Katie said...

The Jack Bauer Disneyland story! Happy to tell it anytime.

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