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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Remember when I went camping with these guys?
I mean these guys

(note to self suck in belly when standing in pictures with people who look like movie stars)

we stayed here

but sadly took very few pictures
it was my first time camping when I was the mom (Jeri too)
ya know the person who made sure everyone ate
and didn't get stung by bugs
or attacked by bears
(OK so that is Ben's job)
the point is
Camping is hard
especially when you just want to play with this

so that's it for pictures
we'll see if there are any good ones on the boat

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a brilliant photographer could just live in my pocket and pop out to take amazing pictures of us

when I get to create my own world...
it's gonna happen


Katie said...

Cozy!! Would you be the brilliant photographer in my pocket, please?

Jeri said...

Lincoln does look like a movie star. I will ask him do his hair like that more often! =) Great memories, I will get the blue camera TODAY!

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