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Monday, March 1, 2010

photo of the week 17 and kurt russel

Florence, Italy 2006
(taken with a point and shoot)

Last night while watching the network premier of Poseidon staring Kurt Russel and the dude from Sweet Home Alabama, I was reminded of the summer the Professor and I went to Italy. When we got married I told the Professor that before I bore any of his children he needed to take me to Italy. So, a year and a half later we went. It was magic. We took a contiki tour which was loads of fun (minus the hungover college students on the bus ride) and spent time in Rome, Vatican City, Venice and Florence. I look at my pictures and want to do it all over again, but with a better camera :)
I digress.
Our last night in Italy we were exhausted, (we actually got paid to stay two extra days by the airlines because our flights were overbooked but that's another story.) We were in a tiny, (borderline sketchy) part of town by the airport, bored we went out to see what we could do for cheap. There was a movie theater down the road so we thought why not? Poseidon was written in big letters over the marque. perfect. A movie we could watch where we would have no idea what they were saying and know EXACTLY what was going on.
It was awesome. Since we didn't know who the characters were or why they were on a toppled over cruise ship on New Years Eve, we made up our stories. We laughed at all of the scary parts and cheered when they finally got off the boat. It was great fun.
Last night after seeing the movie for the first time in English and learning how they were all connected, we realized something profound, cheesy action movies are better when dubbed in Italian.


T-Ray said...

I WANT TO GO THERE! That is a beautiful pic.

Jeri said...

I love the picture too! What a fantastic memory. Someday we'll make the trip together....and bring fantastic cameras.

Heather said...

I know exactly where you were standing when you took that picture! It's on top of the hill... looks over the entire city. You pass an amazing garden on the walk up there, I believe a church is behind you... right?? It's been almost 6 years since I've been there, but I remember it well! I miss Italy......

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