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Friday, February 26, 2010

happy friday

A floral purse I made for a photo shoot two years ago, taken by the amazing Anna.

Has anyone else noticed that the snow's favorite day of the week is Saturday?
"Lucy... you have some explaining to do"!

hopefully, my weekend will consist of:
Playing at a museum in DC
Trying new cupcakes from Baked and Wired
Laundry, I'm looking at you kid
Crayon drawings on the wall complements of Lady J, I'm looking at you too!
Getting half way through Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
Finishing my first roll of Holga film
Big Fat Nap!
and maybe a dressing up 50's style for a little sock hop
fyi: oldspice has my buisness for life for this reason


Jeri said...

Good plan.

We need to find a good place to take/or send that film! I love that oldspice commercial...that horse part gets me every time!

Love the purse. =)

Heather said...


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