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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

testing the waters

My daughter is two and a half, and good at it.

Today consisted of:

writing on my white bedsheets with blue ink
a twenty minute negotiation out of the big slide at the gym daycare
(she insisted on ice cream as payment for leaving, I did not give in)
striping down to her panties in the gym cafeteria
mashing banana into the carpet with her boots
throwing her hamburger into the trash after 4 bites at Jiffy Lube

None of this was out of anger, frustration or revenge, it was purely just to see how I would respond. Is 27 to young for grey hairs?

Today also consisted of:
playing nicely with the other children at the gym
dressing up like a fairy princess
making her sister laugh until she snorted
being very patient while we waited for our car to get fixed
coming over to me, putting her little arms around my neck and telling the girl near us that this was her mommy and that she love me.

I love that girl


Aaron, Julie, Joseph and Emery said...

Aren't kids great? I love how those happy, little moments can erase a dozen of those gray-hair producing ones. There is something magical about children. Especially when they love you.

Jeri said...

She is quick! Better keep your running shoes on if you want to keep up with her!

Love her hair! Do we get to see the back?

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