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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i love...

I love Ben
I love that when Jocelyn fell out of the bed last night she smiled and said, "whoopsies"
I love fresh no bake cookies with coconut
I love the way my house smells with my new candle
I love that Brooke thinks I am the funniest person on earth
I love my new Holga
I love that Jocelyn tells random strangers that she is a princess
I love Jeri
I love that Ben is going to get to live his dream
I love my grandparents
I love roses in every color
I love that every Sunday I feel like the lesson was written for me
I love that I can stretch farther and farther every time I go to the gym
I love Jason, Kiki, Skylar, Tristan and Maranda
I love this wedding
I love seeing snowflakes on my window
I love seeing the sun melt the snow away
I love Buffy and Angel
I love reading everyones blogs, so inspiring
I love that when Ben gets spooked he sounds like a girl
I love being an eternal family
I love child's pose
I love that in 24 days it will be 5 years


Katie said...

We love that Ben will get to live his dream too!!!

Heather said...

so cute! its great to hear things like this, it just brightens your day!

Jeri said...

I love this list.
I love that I am on it.
I love you Rileigh.

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