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Saturday, January 30, 2010

totally bunk

So I have to admit I was pretty depressed about last weeks post. (Last week, I know I am fired from the blogging world). Nobody wan't to look like Kirk Douglas, not even Michael Douglas. I like to think that I look like Zooey Deschanel, like the rest of the world. I tried retaking a few photos to prove that I was more attractive than a strung out Drew Barrymore ( Drew I love you but there were definitely some ugly years) but it kept coming up with crazy people I had never heard of and no Zooey. So rather than subject myself to more humilation I thought I would see who Zooey looks like.

That's when I realized this thing is bunk.

You decide.


Vivian said...

Wait, which one is you? seriously though, good pick, you look exactly like her.

Christy said...

You're right. Don't sweat the celebrity look-alike thing. Once when Ryan and I were dating (before mission or marriage) we did one of those machines where it takes a pic of both of you and then shows you what your kids would look like. Our kids looked like a really scary (40 year old) burn victim. Needless to say, it was totally and completely wrong. I think our kids turned out pretty cute.

Gena Susan said...

wow! you totally look like her!

Katie said...


Jeri said...

Yes! You do look like her. Love your hair too!

THE LIZARD'S said...

now thats just creepy.

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