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Monday, November 16, 2009

sneak peak- photo of the week

So Sunday afternoon the doorbell rings, slightly confused I jump up from the couch and head to the door, I am dressed... sort of... jeans not pajamas, which is good considering it is 3 in the afternoon. I open door to find our friends Jazmine, Brenton and their baby Adalena looking just as cute as can be. "Hi", I say enthusiastically,(it is always good to see them, maybe they brought cinnamon rolls? Brenton makes amazing cinnamon rolls), Jazmine gives me a big smile and says, "We're ready!"

And then it hits me, I promised to take their family pictures... right now.

They laughed, ate some cookies and we were on our way. (right now all I do is bake cookies, I have been trying desperately to bring some to our neighborers who keep mowing our lawn and to Christina who was pregnant but now just had a baby but we keep eating them, so I keep making them.)
anyway here is a sneak peak. enjoy.


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