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Friday, November 13, 2009

hooray for Jodi!

Jodi and Taylor were our friends in FSH, they let me borrow Taylor's cap and gown to hold my own graduation ceremony last summer, you may remember it here. They have since moved to Harvard and are loving the fall colors just like us. They are awesome and I am so excited for Jodi right now because she is a Shabby Apple Finalist!!! Her dress is super cute

Go vote for #11!!

Seriously how cute is this dress? Well done Jodi, Well done!


Jeri said...

That is so cute! You have so many talented friends.

T-Ray said...

Jamie also sketched a dress for Shabby Apple I thought was pretty cute, but I guess she didn't make finales if she hasn't commented about it. This dress is very cute.

Taylor and Jodi said...

thanks, you are so sweet! I'm so lucky to have so much support...we'll see what happens.

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