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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why do this...

For the past five years I have regularly read the blogs of friends Sarah, Tanya and Amanda; laughed at their whitty stories and then walked away feeling like I just had a good conversation with them without going over my cell phone minutes. However I realized that this is not a real relationship. ( I actually did the same thing when stephie went on her mission. I would read her weekly emails and never once wrote her a letter. Stephie... I am sorry I didn't write you.) But now I hope to be better. By writing about my daily life (I have a super cute kid so stuff is always happening) I can return my end of the conversation and maybe entertain a few people as well. So here it goes.


Cheryl said...

Riles! I'm excited to see you blog here too! I feel that blogs really are that connection between friends when we can't talk or see each other! I'm excited to see yours. Happy Valentines by the way!

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