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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So yesterday I watched Across the Universe, which I liked for the most part. About half way through I started to feel a little woozie, but that's not the point. I realized two things, I miss listening to the Beatles and I really miss Eddie Izzard, he was only in the movie for a few minutes and I wasn't sure if we was wearing a big face mask or not. If you haven't seen the movie, lots of people wear big masks, but Eddie has a very large face that is disporportionate to his body. I think it is because he has such skinny legs, which would explain why he likes to put on women's clothing.


Whitney Parry said...

I am so excited that you have a blog now... I've had one for a few months..!
I like it way better than myspace! haha. PS..My sister Amy has one too... (Erickson Family). There are some cute new babies in our family! Miss ya..oh and happy belated bday..i thought of you on the 9th! Can you believe we are 25??aaahhh

deannah said...

Have you heard his stand up? That guy is hilarious. Not a very clean mouth though, unfortunately.

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