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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today she said this...

Tonight Jocelyn and I had the following conversation
J: I want you to draw a picture of Phineas, his head is a triangle"
R: "Okay"
(drawing a picture of Phineas)
J: "No just his head... now draw me. My head is like an oval... Yes Yes!...(blushing)Now draw me kissing Phineas"
(I look at her confused)
R: "What?"
J:(bolder with slight annoyance at having to repeat herself)
"I want you to draw me kissing Phineas".
R: (still shocked) "Why do you want me to draw you kissing Phineas?"
J: "Because I love him soooooo much".

Should I be worried?


christy said...


Ben said...

Tell Jocelyn I am going to draw a picture of a shotgun.

Micha said...

At least Phineas is imaginary. When Aeryn was 4 she started kissing boys (on the lips) through all of Primary.

P.S. I'm blog stalking you now :)

jamie hixon said...

Ha ha to what Ben said.
At least the crush is a normal cartoon. When I was her age I had a crush on Skeletor.

Jeri said...

Just keep telling her she can only kiss boys with triangle shaped heads. You'll be set.

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