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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

I'm on a roll :)
This was the most
Christmas of my adult life.
It was lovely.
Mama and Papa Hansen came out.
We love them.
Unfortunately they BOTH got sick on different days with different things.
But that didn't stop us from
Seeing 3 movies. (Footloose is awesome by the way)
Going out for Pizza.
Playing at the park.
Having a lovely and musical Church service.
Eating feast after feast.
Watching, Christmas Vacation, Just Friends and a Christmas Story.
Did I mention Korean food?
Wearing our new matching Griswold Family Christmas shirts.
Reading LOTS of books,
and having a wonderful Christmas morning full of love and laughter, and Jocelyn screaming "This is what I always wanted!" after every present.
Except when she got a sweatshirt. "Ahhh, I didn't want clothes."

Launching a rocket,
Caroling around the neighborhood and bringing fudge to the neighbors.
(Jocelyn refused to sing the same song over and over again and would sit on the step with her arms folded, Brooke however LOVED it and handed everyone the treat)
Playing with toy helecopters,
and just having a really lovely time together.
Thanks Mom and Dad Hansen.
We love you!


Grandma Hansen said...

We had a great time! Thanks again for sharing Christmas with us. We love you!

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