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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Miss Jocelyn

*Birthday girl drinking out of the special "Birthday Cup"

Dear Jocelyn,

Today you are four. You awoke to your room covered in balloons with a few streamers gliding across your walls. You were delighted, but I don’t think you fully understood that today was your birthday. For breakfast you had Lucky Charms, which you have been begging for ever sense we went camping last month. You ate all the marshmallows but then you actually at the “whole grain” part as well. I was really impressed. But I don’t think you got that it was your birthday.

We would tell you that, today you are four. and you would reply, “No, I not four yet, I still three.

On our way to church we sang the Hansen Family Birthday song. Which you happily sang along with, and then reminded us that Grandpa Robbie’s birthday was over.

At Church you gave your very first talk in Primary. How proud you were to sit in the special chair at the front marked, “TALK”. Today was your day. All smiles and courage as you waited for your turn to talk. Your topic was, “Our body is a Temple.” I held up a picture of the temple and whispered to you what to say. Like a little mouse you, in your most quiet voice repeated my lines. Holding up different things, like play fruit and vegetables, Sharing cards, and a little dog, telling the primary different ways we can keep our bodies healthy and clean. I was so proud. You were not nervous but maybe a little shy. You did so good. If only the primary presidency had turned on the microphone.

You and your sister slept in the car and at home for an hour or so while I wrapped presents and watched Jane Eyre for the third time. You awoke and saw them and immediately wanted to open them. We explained not until Brooke was awake. Being the logical child that you are, you disappeared and five minutes later I heard the tears of a sleepy sister that was now awake and ready for presents.

Lets just say, “Kid, you scored.”

A brownie cake with purple frosting and My Little Pony sitting on top, is frankly what you ate for dinner. I tried to throw some fruit into your belly and I think you at half an orange and small cup of juice. It’s your birthday, I am not worried today.

You spoke to so many family members today. All singing Happy Birthday. You laughed and smiled. While on the phone with your aunt you finally understood that it was your birthday. We told you were four again, and you stopped looked up at me and said,
"I am?"
"I am four, I not three anymore?"
...I got bigger?"
(big smile)
"It's my birthday! I am turning four!"
(You ran around the room shouting)

You are sleeping at last. My darling sweet girl, who every night sings to me;

“I love you forever

I like you for always

As long as I am living

My mommy you’ll be”


kfoutz56 said...

For the longest time I've been so proud of you. Watching you as a mother is the most satisfying feeling in my life. I love you and the family you and Ben have created. I look forward to Thanksgiving.

SarahDiane said...

Holy cow. What an amazing day. I love you and miss you.

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