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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let me sum up

Blogging time has been replaced by Pintresting. (Is that a word? I think not.)
It's awesome, you should check it out.

My dog likes to hunt flies and it is hilarious.

Brooke has decided it is time to potty train, so now, I use the carpet cleaner a lot and my laundry load has doubled.

Decorating the house comes in monsoons and droughts.

Target is stealing all of my money.

I took Jocelyn back to school shopping. It's so stinking cute.

I cleaned out my office space. Now I need to get some amazing china cabinet to house my cake plates and fabric pieces in.

The craigslist app is sucking all of my phones power.

I think Anthroplogie linens should all go on sale for at least 75% off. My windows and bathrooms would be so happy.

I have finished Jane Eyre, Re-read all the good parts multiple times and watched four different versions of it on Netflix and Youtube. It is tied between the 2006 BBC one, and the new one staring Alice in Wonderland and Magneto.

Seriously tied. Well done you. The one with William Hurt sucks.

I was too impatient to read Wuthering Heights so I watched the movie. I don't know if I will read it or not. Heathcliff hurts my head.

Jeri and I have started a Cross-Continental Book Club! I am so stoked. Right now we are catching up on books we had each read individually to discuss. She is reading, Matched and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I am reading the Hunger Games. Which I have yet to start. When we are done I think we should read Little Women.

I really like my house.

I am very seriously thinking of going back to school in a month. Starting with math. I am nervous and excited. is there a word for both?

Finally I have been sitting here to long avoiding the mountain of laundry I need to do before Princess Ladybug and Mr. Diet Coke come over for dinner.

No I did not make them up.

Happy Thursday!


Katie said...

Don't leave us for Pinterest! I love your posts too much!

You know who else I love? Mr. Rochester. I have a list of literary characters I would marry if I were single, and Mr. Rochester is #2.

BrittneyGrace said...

nervous and excited is anxious?

Jodi said...

I loved the 2006 version!! Haven't seen the new one yet. I hated Wuthering Heights (the movie, haven't read it), it was so awful.

jamie hixon said...

I have recently read all of the books you mentioned. Most recently Jane Eyre. And I went on Netflix streaming and saw the William Hurt one... which did in fact suck. Worst writing of a script ever, and worst casting ever with the exception of Adele and older Jane. She wasn't as terrible as younger Jane. (Sorry Anna Paquin.) I guess I should check out the ones you mentioned, because I really hated that one. Oh, and you should give the book Wuthering Heights a try. Bummer you watched the movie first. Heathcliff is weird, but I think it is literarily (is that a word?) worth it.

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