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Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Moto

I am in the market for a family moto.

"Happy I'm a Hansen" is a important family moto and will be properly show cased in the house.

But I am looking for something that will inspire my children to be better, for me to be calm and loving and for my husband not to be embarrassed to have hanging in the kitchen.

Any thoughts?

FYI I was never really feeling the "keep calm and carry on" wave that exploded throughout the blogsphere.

Even when a Weasly sports it.
Though it helps.


Jodi said...

That phrase did explode in the blogosphere, which is somewhat sad because I really like its original birth- by the British government in the 30s to boost morale in case of an invasion. But does anyone really know that? Good luck coming up with something. I've got nothing for you.

jamie hixon said...

I love that phrase... except that I don't, because EVERYBODY is sporting it. It shouldn't matter, but just the fact that it's popular kind of makes it less cool. Like, a bunch of idiots love this phrase and don't even know what it means. Anyway, we don't have a family motto, but I always loved the Tate's. It is "Together Always Through Eternity." I love it the acronym is "TATE". Maybe that will inspire you. Humming And Nodding, Savoring Every Note. Except not that, because it is weird and it just came out of the top of my head.

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