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Monday, May 23, 2011

Turning Two Dilemma

miss brooke
Brooke will turn two in exactly nine days.
I have no idea what to do.
Our move in date is up in the air.
But I am pretty sure our house will be filled with boxes by then.
I really want to do something special, but if I wait, the end of June it gets crazy.
Father's day, Ben's Birthday, moving into our house.
I have all of these ideas to celebrate my little chicken.
Because, I really really like her.
She fills my heart with so much love and joy every time I look at her.
I feel like I need to fight to keep her from suffering from middle child syndrome.
And every year Jocelyn's parties, well, have been ridiculous.
But then I remember that she is turning two, and it doesn't take a lot to make her feel special.

Leah's party hosted by my hilarious long lost cousin Katie has set the bar for "birthdays while moving" pretty high. You should check it out.


Katie said...

Don't know what makes me more giddy here - To be linked from one of my very favorite blogs (YOURS), or to remember that we are long lost cousins. I love my long lost cousin!

Maggie said...

Goodness woman, she is going to be 2! Anything you do for her that is special will be wonderful. Pool party? You can have all kinds of fun food and games in that environment. Don't make this stressful for yourself in this busy time. Just have fun and she will too.

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